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About Me

Here's a start on my pedals.  There are more, I'll add as I take more pictures.  Zoom in for detail (Control and + on Explorer), photos are high resolution.

Echoplex tube EP-2 tape delayCry Baby CGB95 topCry Baby CGB95 bottomCry Baby Buddy GuyRoss CompressorJHS Mini Foot FuzzFull-Drive 2Ruby StoneExpandoraFulltone Supa-TremBoss OD-1 overdriveBoss DS-1 distortionBoss MZ-2 Digital MetalizerBoss CE-5 Chorus EnsembleBoss PH-1r PhaserBoss OC-2 OctaverBoss CS-3Boss CS-3Boss RV-3Boss DD-3Boss DD-6 digital delayBoss TU-2Boss TU-2MXR Carbon CopyMXR Dyna CompMXR Dyna CompBoss PSM-5 Power supply and switchMXR FlangerRadial Headbone VTSans AmpElectro Harmonix Big Muff PiElectro Harmonix Memory ManElectro Harmonix Holy Grail reverbSmall Stone Phase ShifterFoxrox OctronFuzz Face reissueLine 6 DM4Danelectro Daddy O overdriveLeslie Combo PreampLine 6 PodYamaha AG StompAward Session AP10 MkIIDod 270 A-B boxMorley AB boxIbanez DS7Line 6 Roto MachineDigitech Hardwire CR-7 chorusAria DT-10 Distortion pedalBoss TU-12Power SupplyVHT Valvulator