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Professional quality musical instruments, backline, studio gear, small sound systems and DJ equipment for rent.

Guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, percussion, studio equipment and accessories.

Clients range from international superstars to individuals who take their music seriously.

Rent individual pieces to full backline for multiple stages.

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Nice communication from clients:

Mark, it's Seth from The Green.  Just wnated to say you were the best person we ever worked with when renting gear or renting anything including vehicles etc.

Click here for The Green website

From Bobby Terry, busy Nashville session musician:

Man, that little mando plays great.  I didn't think I could play them danm things at all till I played this one.  Thx again for savin my ass :-) ur service rox


Just in:  Markbass bass amplifiers:  excellent bass amplifers, special introductory pricing. Amplifiers page.

Little Mark Tube 800 head   Standard 104HR 4x10 cabinet   Standard 151HR 1x15 cabinet  CMD102P 2x10 combo


Recent Additions

1966 Fender Super Reverb: all original, excellent condition, new caps installed

Gold Tone BZ-500 Bouzouki with LR Baggs pickup

Nord Electro 4 SW73 (semi-weighted)

 Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue, Moog Little Phatty Stage II

Hammond C3 with Leslie 122 (that makes four B3 or equivilant organs available)

Korg M3 keyboard 88 keys, expanded

Nice supply of lavalier microphones available for plays or meetings, many wireless and a few wired

1984 Rhodes Mark V electric piano: 73 keys, original stand and sustain.  Nice condition.  Considered by most to be the finest Rhodes made (possible exception of Mark VII)  Just installed new hammer tips; fresh tuning and regulation, it's ready to work

Nord Electro 4d:  61 key, physical drawbars

Ludwig Black Beauty snare, 4x14.  Modern version

DW Performance series drum set. 22" kick, 8", 10", 12", 14", 16" toms.  Pewter Sparkle finish

Early '60s Hammond B3 with bass pedals and Leslie 122.  Excellent functional condition, a bit of "character" from road use.  Full Showcase ATA cases for both organ and Leslie.  A good one.  This is in addition to my current B3 which does not have bass pedals

1961 Hammond A102 - a B3 in sheep's clothing.  A one owner "living room" organ.  Murph at Nashville Pro Hammond just added 122 and 147 connections and fixed a couple other minor issues.  Nice.

Roland RD-700GX in new condition, I added Super Natural piano expansion

1984 Earl Scruggs Standard five string banjo.  UPS delivered March 28th, 2012 - the day Earl died.  He'll be missed.  Set up by banjo wizard Charlie Cushman.

Aguilar DB 751 bass head, DB 410 cabinet and GS 410 cabinet

Pro Tools 9, Cubase 7 and Wavelab 7


Complete backline equipment rental, studio, live show or personal use.  Delivery available.

If you usually record with a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar , rent a Les Paul guitar or a Telecaster guitar for inspiration.

Want to try a vintage blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amplifier, Twin Reverb electric guitar amplifier, Ampeg B-15 or SVT bass amplifier, Marshall Super Lead amp stack, Fender Telecaster, maybe a Martin D28 acoustic guitar, a boutique Bad Cat or Matchless guitar amplifier? Discover the difference when you rent a real Fender Rhodes or Wurlitzer 200 electric piano.

Considering an expensive purchase but want to try first? Rent a Neumann, AKG, Shure or Audio Technica microphone, Vox AC30 amplifier, Neve preamp, Avalon preamp, Grace or Vintech preamplifier.

Fender electric guitars and amplifiers, Gibson electric guitar and acoustic guitar, Marshall guitar amplifiers, Matchless guitar amplifiers, vintage Vox amplifier, Bad Cat electric guitar amplifier, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg bass amps, Martin acoustic guitar, Neve preamp, Neumann microphone, Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ - these classics and more available to rent.

Musical instrument rentals, sound or PA systems and recording gear for studio recording, live show, video and film shoots and more.

Complete backline instrument rental services and delivery available, including backline tech assistance.

If you want to rent a guitar, amplifier, or any instrument not listed, email or call:

I'll help you to arrange rental for what you want and need.

Check in regularly; I'll be adding photos, descriptions and more content.

Complete backline and studio instrument rental services.  Delivery and backline equipment tech assistance available. 

Click on the links below to visit the websites of the manufacturers for some of my rental products:

Fender - Markbass - Matchless - Marshall - Aguilar -Drum Workshop - D'Addario - Evans - Vox - THD - Carr - Budda - Mesa Boogie - Ampeg - Polytone - SWR - Eden - Bogner - Gallien Krueger - Dr. Z - Naylor - Hartke - Peavey - Gibson - Martin - Taylor - Guild - Rickenbacker - Hofner - Tom Anderson - Gretsch - Jerry Jones - Dobro - Olson - Raimundo - Deering - Schroetter - 3rd Wave -  Hammond - Leslie - Rhodes - Wurlitzer - Yamaha - Neumann - AKG - Sennheiser - Beyer - Audio Technica - Shure - Neve - Grace - Avalon - Vintech - Millennia - Summit - Empirical Labs - Digidesign -Roland - Line 6 - Nuendo - Universal Audio - TC Electronic - Bad Cat - Zildjian - ElectroHarmonix - Evans - Vater Sticks (615) 210-2120 --- Nashville, Tennessee

Electric Guitars, Acoustic guitars, stringed instruments

Pedals to rent


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